Let me introduce myself. My name is Tim Hough and I am one of Toronto's best caricature artists.

I was born in a log cabin on the edge of the wilderness during the winter of '59. Back then there was no internet, so we used to go cow-tipping instead of watching Youtube. Those were the days. Those poor cows never suspected a thing.

I attended the Ontario College of Art during the late '70's and early 80's and participated in the Florence program. As a youngster I was always drawing and was inspired to draw caricatures by Mort Drucker of Mad Magazine.

I got my start many moons ago at Ontario Place, after graduating from Northern Secondary School in Toronto and have never looked back.

As well as illustration and caricature I am also a well known painter of landscapes, wildlife and nature subjects.

Please visit my sister site www.timhough.com to see more of my work.



Tim Hough

About the Artist